Bus Model

COVID-19 Transmission in Busses

Although estimating the spread of COVID-19 in a school environment during a reopening is integral, it's important to realize that students and their immediate family members spend their lives apart from the confines of a school environment. It is estimated that school children in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) spend upward of 1 hour each day traveling to and from school in school buses. Thus, it's important for GeoACT to be able to simulate COVID-19 transmission on school busses as well. This model helps us simulate an outside-of-school activity that heavily influeces COVID-19 spread within a school itself.


The bus model utilizes various pieces of information, measurements, and data to accurately simulate how COVID-19 potentially spreads from student to student on a bus. Seating arrangements on busses can be altered in GeoACT to be able to arrange students based on school district-specific policies. Busses can also be simulated to go through all predetermined bus routes for a given school, and GeoACT uses these routes along with measurements of bus dimensions and information about ride length and speed to assess how COVID-19 may spread. Furthermore, since these busses may pass through different regions and communities, GeoACT is able to simulate the spread of COVID-19 with live virus prevalence in these various areas a school bus may pass through.

This GeoACT feature is currently under development and is coming soon.